Gemini New Moon – Brand New Perception of our Reality ⚡️

Welcome to a week where we experience the Gemini New Moon on Saturday, June 17th along with an array of diverse energies. This is a week where we are encouraged to go within and truly surrender to rest. Sleep more. And sleep again. This week, it’s possible your body and mind are telling you two different things while your mind wants to ruminate on the details and think through a particular situation one more time in hopes to have a concrete answer. It’s not happening this week and you may feel the need to escape, check out, and tap out in maybe not the healthiest ways. Remember, we always have a choice as to how we manage our energy. This is also when knowing how our energy flows and operates as an energy system is rather significant. Learning about your 7 Chakra system and how you process stress can help lighten the load and support you to navigate in healthy ways. 

Starting on June 13th, the planet Venus which represents all things we love and that bring us joy in this Earthly realm, is in an inconjunct with Saturn. Saturn represents the physical world, our responsibilities, what we need to take care of, how are you showing up in the world with integrity and authority. An inconjunct in evolutionary astrology is a humbling aspect and transit. It is a blind spot, perhaps the way in which we make excuses based on a false sense of self, conditioning, or belief that is only limiting us and lacking truth. The aspect allows us to feel humbled which motivates us to take a deeper look at what is really underneath this leading us to our truth. As Venus is gearing up for her retrograde in Leo later in July, Saturn is asking us to take care of something that needs to be handled. This could be an internal energy, depending on where 7 degrees of Leo is in your chart. Venus is at 7 degrees of Leo and Saturn is at 7 degrees of Pisces. Venus is our values, how we innerelate to ourselves and how to give and receive love, abundance, prosperity, joy, creativity; all things and people we love which begin with ourselves. Saturn may be standing over you in his office going through his checklist in regards to whether or not you have been honoring your new sense of self value and love within yourself as we move through the end of a massive cycle and into a new one. This transit could feel heavy, challenging, as if you have let yourself down, and in many ways could feel depressing. Remember to allow yourself to feel objectively as this transit is wanting to bring an awareness to your consciousness that inspires you to elevate your standard when it comes to your self worth and values and then to sustain it. Remember that Saturn always has our back and is always in our corner because he wants the best for us. 

From now until November 2023, Pluto will be squaring the nodal axis. The nodal axis is the south node and the north node of the moon. The south node represents what we are letting go of and moving away from. The north node represents who we are elevating to become that represents who we truly are. The north node is ending its time in Taurus, which is ruled by Venus and the south node is in Scorpio, which is ruled by Mars. Keep in mind, Venus and Mars are both in Leo within a 5 degree orb, also known as a conjunction. In multiple ways, our masculine and feminine energy are landing on the same page. We have been through a lot when it comes to de-conditioning, reprogramming, transforming, and for some, metamorphosing ourselves through all the change happening on the planet. Pluto is now retrograde in Capricorn and as mentioned, he is squaring the nodal axis. In evolutionary astrology, we look to the planet or point on the left as the resolution node which is the south node. On a soul level, we are collectively letting go of and shedding the past around themes of disempowerment, toxic psychological & emotional patterns that are outdated and no longer serving a positive purpose, loss, abandonment, and betrayal. When we consciously work through letting go of these themes in our lives that revolve around choices we have made based on conditioning and not who we truly are, we can liberate ourselves during this purge so that we are ready for the new starts taking place through 2025-2026. Pluto transits are uncomfortable. They lead to metamorphosis on a soul level in addition to truth that leads to empowerment as we transform from the caterpillar to the butterfly. 

The new moon in Gemini takes place on June 17th, 2023 at 9:36 pm PST at 27 degrees of the sign of communication. When a new moon takes place, it is exactly conjunct with the sun, which is traditionally a beautiful time to set a new intention for yourself as it represents a new start. This new moon is unique because it is opposite the galactic center in addition to being square to Neptune in Pisces. The galactic center is at 27 degrees of Sagittarius and represents a black hole in our solar system that essentially created the Milky Way and the cosmos. It’s something our minds can’t really grasp, but our intuition and the cosmos within us, knows the truth. Anyone with a planet or point at 27 degrees of Sagittarius in their natal chart has the capacity to be a channel for cosmic and universal wisdom to come through their consciousness here on Earth. One may have a galactic relationship with the higher realms versus someone who doesn’t have a planet or point there. 

During this new moon in Gemini, our ability to communicate words will be a challenge. Our bodies will need more rest and our dreams will be more vivid. This weekend, we are encouraged to feel and to trust our intuition. From our mind’s perspective, the typical Gemini frame of mind, we will not have all the information, the answers, and will feel we are missing chunks of the whole story. There may be deception playing a role within stories, communication, and situations that seem important at the time, perhaps situations that have been an ongoing significance in your life. The overall message here is to trust what your body feels and to look within for the answer. Your brain doesn’t have the answer. It’s not in your thought process. The Gemini New Moon being opposite to the galactic center is bringing in cosmic downloads of information that are intuition and bodies are processing that will need time to process. This is where some are going to be shocked by the need to trust their intuition because perhaps for the first time, it is the only truth they can hear and it’s extremely loud. Those with planets or points at the galactic center, will be receiving an abundance of information through their intuition that will make sense later; and during this time, it may simply feel like you are tired and need to sleep for longer periods of time. 

On June 18th, the day after the Gemini New Moon, Saturn in Pisces goes retrograde for 4 months. This is going to feel like a shifting of gears where the brakes are pressed and the shutting down of electricity takes place. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and currently rules Pluto, retrograde in Capricorn. Pluto is your soul and carries your soul’s truth and intention in this lifetime. Saturn is calling us forth to honor what we are ready to let go of. The cycles that are necessary and ready to close. Saturn is calling upon us to release the conditioning that has kept us from living in our truth for the past 30 years. Saturn is in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. It takes 28-30 years to travel around the entire zodiac wheel. Therefore, we are moving through the endings required for us to step into our true, natural selves so tha when Saturn moves into Aries in 2025/2026, we are ready, purified, and fresh for the new cycles to begin. It’s interesting because when Saturn enters Aries in 2025, he will enter along with Neptune. Both are currently in Pisces and shining a light on what we continuously are unraveling and letting go of within ourselves and within our intimate worlds. 

This new moon in Gemini is a reminder to follow the energy trail. To listen and to trust the energetics, the unseen, what you can feel and sense, but can’t see with the physical eye. This is a beautiful opportunity for us to learn about how much we trust what we cannot see, but feel and sense. This is where we recognize what we are energetically attracted to and how we measure truth around what we feel. Keep in mind, you may not know how you feel. This is also where we choose to trust. What we need to know will be revealed to us at the perfect time we are ready to learn. 

We heal through the emotional body and in evolutionary astrology, that is Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. It is our emotions that reveal truth and the power within us to get in the river naked, because all bodies of water lead to the ocean. This Neptune in Pisces squaring the new moon in Gemini is supporting us letting go of overthinking and to let go of the rumination that leads nowhere except exhaustion. It is also leading us back to the ocean, which is the womb and where all endings, and creation takes place. 

Another positive aspect of this week is Jupiter is just about to reach 7 degrees of Taurus while in a sextile with Saturn in Pisces at 7 degrees, retrograde. What does this mean?! It means that as Saturn is bringing forth the endings necessary to take place related to themes around Pluto in Capricorn (just think about what you have been deeply changing and evolving in your life since 2008) While Saturn is reworking and revisiting what needs to change and end during this time with integrity, kindness, respect and maturity, he is holding space for Jupiter in the new beginnings that are aligned with our natural selves and truth within. Jupiter brings in the resources we need in order to operate from the vantage point of who we truly are. Saturn supports us in these new beginnings and they will begin to manifest. It’s also very important to note that Pluto is just about to transit back over that Aries Solar Eclipse point at 29 degrees, 50 minutes of Aries which is a purge of endings. It’s also the trajectory of the clear new beginnings that are catapulting us into the next two years of our lives. These new beginnings reflect our new sense of self and who we are gearing up to be in 2025/2026 as Saturn enters Aries beginning a brand new 30 year cycle. 

May you be powerful this week, surrender and trust. Follow the energy trail as Source always has our back. Always. 

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