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FULL MOON IN Capricorn

A Moment of Truth and Wisdom – We Know What We Must Do

Hola! I am currently in the El Zonte, El Salvador area to explore next steps within my own growth process and also the future of Yoniswell, a community and platform on a mission to heal and empower the Soul. Its essence and design is to be of service through storytelling, community offerings rooted in health, wellness, surf, even golf! As a former competitive golfer, I personally believe that surfing and golf are parallel and form a beautiful dance between mind, body, and soul. Yoniswell is a space for empowering and inspiring all to Return to their Nature. Currently, I am caretaking for the property, Surf Farm El Salvador – a beautiful AirBnB adjacent to some of the best surf breaks in the world, K59/K61.

This Full Moon in Capricorn takes place at 7:08 pm Central time and in all its glory is ruled by the planet Saturn which is the ruler of Capricorn. It is happening at 1 degree, 7 minutes of Capricorn opposite to the Moon in Cancer, the watery emotions of Cancer where we go within and connect to the truth of our hearts; where we retreat and become aware of with whom and what we feel safe and with whom and what we do not. 

During this Full Moon, Saturn is in Pisces which is ruled by Neptune and Neptune being at the anaretic degree of 29 degrees, 53 minutes of Pisces; THIS IS A BIG DEAL. What does this mean? It correlates to the deep emotional shifts taking place around the conditions we are dissolving in relation to man made structures and man made laws. Take a moment to reflect on the last 16 years when Pluto was in Capricorn – it has been a dismantling of government, infrastructures of banking systems, big business, religious structures; and so on. This energy of the Full Moon is calling us forward to emotionally process the uncomfortable emotions and feelings we have repressed over the last 30 years in relation to our conditioning that are ready to be confronted and released. Where there is repression, there is distortion. Now is the time. 

Saturn in Pisces is our Intuition. Some of you, maybe many of you are now coming into contact with this phenomena of intuition and how it speaks to you and comes from a place rooted in your heart and natural truth. Saturn represents our conditioned patterns, our limitations, the skin on our bodies protecting our layers of human anatomy and bones, our boundaries that have kept us from breaking free and liberating ourselves from all that which keeps us in a limited space. All that which keeps us from who we naturally are (Uranus in Taurus) Saturn in Pisces is supporting us in dissolving the ways in which we have turned off our intuitive gifts and our relationship to Natural Law

Keep in mind, I am an Evolutionary Astrologer, so I am speaking from evolutionary terms which means, we are Souls having a human experience. We as souls are immutable consciousnesses evolving and growing, separating from and returning to source from life to life. I’m not here to convince anyone of this simple truth. That is completely up to the individual and their relationship to the Universe. We are all on different evolutionary paths. I express this only because Astrology is a natural science that is ancient. It is based on observation and correlation between the planetary energies and the individual’s birth chart rooted in archetypes which are based in Natural Law. I, as the Astrologer, am simply observing and correlating the phenomena of this natural science that already exists; I am, we are just a part of the microcosm within the macrocosm. Natural Laws prove themselves, and anything that controls and or creates separation is not in alignment with Natural Law. For example, the constructs of religion have been dissolving for many years because religion is a man made structure that was designed to separate and control people through their belief systems. I am not by any means against religion; it can beautifully be a source for someone connecting to Source, to the Universe, to God, however resonates with you. Religion is also a natural progression and growth through the Consensus; 85% of the population. 

This Full Moon in Capricorn is initiating the tangible cycle of these spiritual revelations of what we have learned, grown through, healed from, and are now aware of with all its cosmic wisdom; essentially what we need to do moving forward. And anything that is emotionally stunting our ability to liberate ourselves from previous conditions & spiritual growth now that we are fully aware of what we have been learning, will come up to be emotionally processed, felt, healed, and released for our best and highest good. 

During this Full Moon in Capricorn, the Sun, Venus, and Mercury are all conjunct in Cancer. They are illuminating how we feel in reference to our thoughts, beliefs, relationships, and next steps in order to further align with what we know we need to do at this point. Pay attention to your thoughts and how they make you feel. Is this narrative rooted in previous conditioning that kept you from believing in yourself and taking proper action towards aligning with who you naturally are and who you are within your heart? Are you comparing yourself to others? What inadequacies are coming up to show you the ways in which this narrative does not serve you and your highest good? Keep in mind, during this Full Moon, the Sun is still squaring Neptune which will feel like a crisis in consciousness; Dane Rudhyar coined this term.  What do I believe in now? What is the truth? This entire energy says to go within. To ask your intuition. Your pure connection to Source; ask and you shall receive. Saturn in Pisces ruling this Capricorn Full Moon that is ruled by Neptune at the final degrees of Pisces is telling you it is time. It is time to dissolve the old conditioned patterns, habits, structures, all that which is no longer in alignment with your spiritual growth and who you naturally are. 

If you are seeking guidance and this article resonates with you – reach out, send me a message at hello@jordanauten.com, let’s connect. I love connecting with the people in this growing community. 

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