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About me

Jordan Auten

Wellbeing Surf Coach, Astrologer & Healer

Hi, I’m Jo-Jo!

I am the Founder of Yoniswell Surf Collective and your soon to be wellness coach!

My story is unique because I grew up playing competitive golf as a child
and continued through college on a golf scholarship.

I completed that goal and went on to pursue my dream of becoming a film director in Los Angeles.

Growing up in the ‘desert’ land of Las Vegas, I felt extremely out of place.
The ocean waves were calling to me intuitively for as long as I can remember.

From age 16, my mission and goal was to make my way to California
to direct films about stories that evoke social and positive change in the world.

My goal was to highlight the untold stories of the underdog and or the taboo topics
that ultimately needed to be exposed in order to create change in the human condition for evolution to occur.

I achieved that dream, went to UCLA for my Masters degree in directing and production,
went on to have a fruitful career.

My mission & services as a wellbeing coach

I connect with helping people through psychotherapy in congruence with alternative modalities from a spiritual point of view.

I am a wellbeing coach who offers 1:1 coaching by integrating the foundations of psychology/therapy, astrology, and the healing resources of the ocean. I am an evolutionary astrologer and a LMFT candidate. 

Happy souls

Why choose me as your coach

I am unique as a wellbeing coach because I have a plethora of healing modalities and methods to help the client from a holistic point of view. 

My Story

The tides began to shift, like a massive ocean wave rolling towards me in slow motion from a mile away.

I came to a place in my personal life where I reached a threshold and began to experience very deep loss. This manifested in various ways that I didn’t completely understand consciously or unconsciously.

It was the loss of my father that led me to experiencing even deeper loss, catapulting me into a rather dark place within myself that I definitely did not understand. It forced me to confront myself and these hidden parts of my being that began to emerge.

At that point, I had already begun learning to surf as an adult which was one of my dreams since I can remember.

As I was experiencing these very transformational times in my life, I consciously chose to partner with the ocean as a guide asking for help.
I surfed more and more and found myself shedding layers as I was building my relationship with the ocean and what was becoming very prominently louder; my intuition and eventually, the very potent presence of my soul.

In the process of my healing and diving deeper into my soul’s consciousness, it was the ocean and astrology combined that shed light on what seemed like a pitch black tunnel.


As I journeyed through the unraveling of my soul’s history,
I created Yoniswell Surf Collective, a surf community of women on a mission to heal
and empower the soul through the sport of surfing.

It was surfing, the ocean, Evolutionary Astrology, and some very special people who shed light within that very dark tunnel.
They helped me find my way home to myself. I learned how to surrender and trust.
To connect with source, spirit, and my intuition by listening to the whispers of Mama Ocean.

It was Evolutionary Astrology where I learned that I was experiencing multiple Pluto transits for many years.
Once I realized this, I learned the why of so many things in my life; it was absolutely liberating and accelerated me on my healing path, regenerating and restoring balance from within.
Because of the ocean, my connection to source energy, these healing modalities, the significant people in my life,
I began to heal my emotional body. I returned to myself and became whole.

I continue to do the work and am committed to helping others do the same,
shedding light on what can be a dark tunnel for us all. It doesn’t have to be dark, just a little tinted, perhaps! 😉

I still direct content that matters to me and that I feel will help humanity on a soul level
as a way to create positive change and to raise our vibration in unity consciousness.
Integration is the key word.
We are infinite beings of light living in the human experience surfing the waves of Mama Ocean.
We have so many talents and so many natural resources within us to tap into and to cultivate from within.

Let’s unlock yours together!
I look forward to meeting and supporting you on your journey as well.

Sending oceans of love!
Love, Jo.

Coaching for wellbeing
throughout the ocean, and the stars

Alternative spiritual healing modalities allow us to connect with unresolved trauma 
from other lifetimes that our soul is ready to heal.
Astrology, Akashic Records, Reiki healing, and Theta healing all create a gateway to this liberation and freedom.

Wellness Coaching Sessions

Access creativity and take ownership of your energy, creating the life you desire through a 1:1 Coaching session.

Surf Therapy

Whether you never surfed before, you did it a few times or you are an advanced surfer, I can help you to heal with Intuitive coaching oriented Surf Lessons.

Energy Healing

Let's find a method or combine them to balance your energy through Reiki, Thetha Healing, Chakra cleansing or Astrology Readings.

Book a Discovery Call

Let’s connect! Our discovery call opens up an opportunity to establish your needs,
wants, and desires. It’s also a chance for us to connect,
do a vibe check to see if it feels like a fluid fit.
 Feel free to ask questions and inquire as you feel necessary in order to make the right decision for you! I look forward to connecting with you, sending oceans of love!