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Chakra cleansing


Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is a very gentle hands on touch that generates a purge and release within your body’s consciousness. Many people fall asleep during sessions and or they are extremely relaxed. This can be liberating, freeing, and can create a sense of lightness that feels rejuvenated.

Reiki Healing in LA: how it works

In our Reiki sessions we create a grounding and calm space for you to allow for stagnant energy to move and release from your energy field. We open with a calming meditation that takes you into a Theta healing state as I support you in moving energy throughout your 7 Chakra system.

Chakra cleansing with reiki

I help you restore balance back into your body in addition to releasing and resolving trapped emotional trauma within the body. Multiple sessions are recommended because oftentimes the movement of energy needs a consistent tending to fully bring back into balance within. During our sessions, we cleanse your Chakras by tuning into what is no longer needed and no longer serving your highest good as we call all your energy back to you. We experience stress on a daily basis with the mundane routines of life; it’s important to integrate a releasing and relaxing method within your life that meets your needs. 


ThetaHealing is a meditation technique that allows for discovering limiting beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you in a positive way.

This method offers emotional, psychological, physical, inner-child, and spiritual healing by taking you into the Theta brain wave state.

We explore depths of your consciousness that support us in unlocking all you need to know for healing to take place.

This practice is recommended to be done in multiple sessions as we are uncovering and healing trapped emotional and psychological beliefs that have created obstacles within your soul and consciousness.

It takes more than one session to allow for the processing to manifest and evolve.

Connecting with spirit through ThetaHealing offers ways to reprogram old expired beliefs, patterns, and habits that are no longer needed.