Astrology Reading

Astrology Readings

Natal Charts

Every natal chart is unique and can serve as a guidance tool in your everyday life for each time you gear up for life cycle changes.


Akashic Records

Everyone has access to their own Akashic Records; it is the archive of our soul.
Together, we open your records and I guide you in receiving the insight and support you need.

Transits & progressions

Through the lens of evolutionary astrology, we look to Pluto to discover and reveal your soul's intention.

General guidance

Astrology gives us a heads up on how to best utilize the transiting energies and how they can empower you each day. Get to know yourself on a soul level and let’s celebrate YOU!

Astrology Readings: transits & progressions

As an Evolutionary Astrologer, I look to identify and learn about your soul’s intention in this lifetime.

We explore where your soul has been and what you intend to create in this lifetime. We explore emotional and psychological dynamics within your energy signature that create a path for healing and empowerment.

Natal chart

My intention is to shed light on the insight you seek while we explore how to best understand and work with how your energy works in the world.

The symbols on your chart represent who you are on a soul level. They provide a window of enlightenment in honoring your energy and creating ways for you to utilize it as a tool on an everyday basis in all that you do. In your family life, with friends, in your workplace; it serves as a pocket book of golden nuggets in all areas of your life.  

Astrology Reading: general guidance

Akashic Records

We access information supportive to guide you in making choice point decisions for your highest good.

Learn how your soul’s history as a way to understand your energy signature. Resolve and heal parts of yourself from other lifetimes.

Reclaim your radiance and natural gifts that have been perhaps hidden in order to create safety in your life. The records can create pathways into your talents that are ready to be retrieved.

Very often, clients seek guidance in tapping into their records for inspiration when creating a new project, choosing a job, starting their own business, and making life cycle decisions. 

I guide you through this journey as a healing modality and empowerment tool.  


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