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Fears & emotions


Surf time!

Beginner surf lessons LA

I offer surf lessons as a way to learn and apply the basics and fundamentals of a very challenging, yet rewarding sport!

It begins with a desire to learn, to set a goal, and to experience achieving this goal!

Many fears come with undergoing learning anything new, especially a sport that takes place in the ocean. An environment we cannot control. 

I work with you by teaching you:

best surf lessons Los Angeles

Working with me is a unique experience because I support you in providing tools and ways for you to connect to your intuition as a guide in partnership with Mama Ocean. 🌊

If you listen, she will tell you when to go for a wave and achieve the perfect timing. ✨

I teach you to listen to your body and trust it knows what to do.
We become consumed by fear in our minds that is helpful when it comes to being cautious,
but it also becomes a limiting factor. 

Surf Lessons with Spirit, Body and Mind Aligned

I teach you how to recognize the degrees of improvement
as you implement the basics and fundamentals of the sport,
access your intuition as a way to connect with the ocean as your guide
when making decisions in the lineup.

Above all, we have fun and create a pathway for muscle memory
to cultivate that is building your confidence and feeling safe
within your own body and mind out there in the ocean with your surfboard.

LA Surf Lessons: pricing

As we work together on a regular basis, I teach you how to uplevel your skills each time you paddle out to integrate in your skill set on your surfing journey. 

Lessons are 90 minutes each, they don’t expire.
Gear Rentals are available upon request.

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