Wellness Coach

Return To Your Nature

Because energy is in the waves, in the stars and in our bodies…
Let’s find wellness together with the power of the universe.

Wellness coach: Jordan Auten

Through a self discovery process, I can help you learn the why of your choices, behaviors, and unconscious patterns.

Together, we collaborate in getting to the root that shines a light on solutions through the process: We initiate a program and platform that taps into tools to support, ignite, and sustain – self love, self acceptance, personal growth, healing, and empowerment. 


Wellness Coaching

As your wellness coach, we develop a collaborative toolbox of resources that serve as a guidance method that is accessible for you to have as a resource on a daily basis.

Surf Lessons & Clinics

Surf lessons for beginners and Intuitive Surf Coaching for intermediate and advanced surfers. Overcome your fears, grow your confidence and heal through Surf Therapy.


Astrology Readings

Alternative spiritual healing modalities allow us to connect with unresolved trauma from other lifetimes that our soul is ready to heal. Astrology, Akashic Records, Reiki healing, and Theta healing all create a gateway to this liberation and freedom.

My mission statement as a wellness coach

My soul mission is to support the divine feminine to rise and reclaim her self love, sense of self, and voice. In particular, I support women, the underdog, and anyone called to reclaim their feminine energy.

How can I help you?

As a wellness coach who is an evolutionary astrologer,
I can show you the why of choices, behaviors,
and unconscious patterns.
I can shed light on your soul’s intention in this lifetime.

Personal wellness coach

How surfing & the Stars can heal me?

As a surf coach and guide, together we can create ways to connect with the ocean as a natural healing resource and guide while connecting to our intuition and 7 chakras through Reiki healing.

As an LMFT candidate, I am becoming a therapist and learning how to integrate the skills and treatment methods that can help navigate clients that create and sustain positive change.

I am also very connected to my soul mission to help heal and empower through these modalities. 

Create a fulfilling life

Wellness Coach: Value of Accountability

As your wellness coach I will act as a guide and collaborator with you, seeking to learn and integrate new ways of living that support a healthy lifestyle. We develop a collaborative toolbox of resources that serve as a guidance method that is accessible for you to have as a resource tool on a daily basis.

Wellness coaching services

The ways in which I provide services as a wellness coach are through the healing modalities such as psychotherapy, astrology, reading the akashic records, reiki healing, theta healing, meditation, health & wellness strength training, surfing & the ocean. As a wellness coach, I offer these services in singular form and or I create a program that is several weeks long that is practical, doable, and realistic for the client to integrate healing, empowerment & positive change into their daily lives for the long term. 

Astrology as a Wellness Tool

Evolutionary Astrology shows us the why, while psychotherapy can support us in integrating the navigation tools necessary to make positive change for the individual. An astrologer is a counselor from an evolutionary astrology perspective.

The Akashic Records is the archive of our soul and reading those can free unresolved belief systems and or unresolved feelings from the past that are ready to be healed.  The Akashic Records can bring guidance and wisdom when making life changing and or any decision for that matter. 

Energy Healing and Bringing Wellbeing to your Body

Some of my other services as a wellness coach are Reiki and Theta healing.

Reiki healing will move stagnant energy from allowing the 7 chakra system energy to flow. Each chakra represents a section of our energy field that reflects the quality of that part or theme in our lives. 

Theta healing is a series of sessions I take the client through in the theta brain wave state that specifically allows us to identify unconscious beliefs while simultaneously creating new ones. I offer these services in singular form or I offer a series of programs that serve the client best. 

Surfing is a Way to Be Free

The other modalities I offer can increase the level of healing at any given time. 

Surfing and or connecting to the ocean brings a natural healing resource. You don’t have to surf, though if you do, we can utilize surfing as a way to overcome fears and physically move that energy through the body in addition to the practice of listening to our intuition as a tool to guide us on a daily basis.

Surfing and the ocean as a method can support us in building trust within ourselves and in moments when we feel we have no control. In regards to surfing, doing something we thought we couldn’t do while improving in ways we didn’t imagine, is a spectacular method. Within this method, I offer surf inspired strength training that is applicable for anyone wanting to get physically fit and can also increase your surfing skills. Surfing and connection to the ocean creates a space for healing and empowerment.