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New Moon in Gemini – A Flood of Choice Points Traveling from your Inner Voice

This current New Moon transit is presenting us with some choice points that are very apparent in terms of what is traveling with us forward and what is not. How do we know this, sense this and identify what resonates, what has energy behind it and what doesn’t. The solution is something that we have an innate sense for; it’s intrinsic within us. Our inner voice, our intuition has these answers for us to know the truth. 

Our human minds are a beautiful resource giving us all the ways in which to co-create, learn, and utilize this phenomena of knowledge, memories, sensory tools, and so on. I am not a scientist, though I do know and understand on a soul level the essence of how the Chakra system works with our energy field in that we are an immutable consciousness that travels from form to form; from life to life. Jeffrey Wolf Green, the Founder of Evolutionary Astrology has been lecturing about this since the 1980’s and other Spiritual Mentors/Teachers before him…which is nothing different than what the Buddhists themselves were conveying at the time of their merging with consciousness. To learn more about JWG and the teachings of Evolutionary Astrology, check out this video, Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul

The Gemini New Moon takes place at 5:38AM, PST at 16 degrees and is conjunct exactly with the Sun (that’s what makes it a new moon cycle) and it is conjunct with Venus. These personal planets are beginning a brand new cycle together, setting intentions within the dynamics of relationships and how we communicate within them in relation to our overall ideas as well. This Venus is significant because she is the ruler of the South Node of the Moon in Libra; so we are in this 18 month process of letting go and deconditioning from the ways in which we have interacted with relationships that have created imbalances within our lives and first and foremost; an imbalance within ourselves. Other examples are codependency, a loss of sovereignty of self within relationships. We are designed to evolve, so we are in the process of letting go and constantly ushering in the new. Because this Venus is conjunct the New Moon in Gemini, she is purifying and setting a new intention based on what she has learned about herself when it comes to self love and self value over the last four years. She has just completed her superior conjunction (a Venus Full Moon conjunct the Sun) with the Sun days before this New Moon; so relationship energies are potent.

Takeaway is to connect with your inner voice and listen to what is vibrating with possibility that wants to create and manifest what is in alignment with who you naturally are. 

While this New Moon in Gemini conjunct Venus is happening, these celestial bodies are in a 1st quarter square with Saturn in Pisces at 18 degrees. This is a feeling of limitation and perhaps, NO, do not go there. Saturn in Pisces is showing us what we are ready to emotionally process that has been repressed and it is showing us the outer and inner structures of our lives that are ready to dissolve and take new form. Saturn in Pisces is also our intuition; Saturn is guiding us home to ourselves so that we can rebirth what is naturally ours and connected to Natural Law (Jupiter/Sagittarius). Take note of what feels like it has a stop sign within your life. Take a moment and process what feels like it has a green light in your life. Because each of these personal planets, the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mercury will all square Saturn in the next week showing us what qualifies us to move forward in our lives and what does not. The more we can strengthen our relationship with our inner voice and intuition, the more we will be aligned with who we naturally are; our natural truth within. There may be grief that comes up during this time and that’s okay because we are meant to experience endings, to let go, and to rise again. We are also in a culminating stage of multiple consciousnesses that have been trying to control us for Centuries. No more, the time has come to shift and break free from the known. 

A few days after this New Moon and the square to Saturn takes place, these personal planets will sextile Chiron in Aries which will be some sort of a new and different alternative remedy that is in alignment with your new path. 

Keep in mind that Mars is finishing his time in Aries. He is finishing this cycle with new found knowledge of what it means to be courageous, to connect to his intuition and to trust the inner guidance system within him. Mars is our masculine energy, he is our agency of self. It is very possible that this is the first time this lifetime that we are developing and cultivating a healthy agency of self. And this Mars has been integrating healing, wisdom, and a new respect for his choices moving forward. Pay attention to what is driving your desires; is it coming from the mind or your intuition. This Mars has evolved and is learning how to act from his intuition and then to utilize the mind as his tool for success and alignment with self. 

All while this is happening, Jupiter is at 2 degrees of Gemini trining that Pluto in Aquarius. Jupiter in Gemini is at the beginning of a brand new 12 year cycle and is ready to create from all the new ideas that are in resonance with our natural truths which are rooted in a new belief system that is developing from within.  This Jupiter is excited and can feel overwhelmed. When the mind feels fatigue, go back within and meditate. Allow your intuition to reemerge with a recharged battery that can support your mind to align with your inner voice. The trine from Jupiter to Pluto is an ongoing demolition of what no longer empowers you. It is a demolition of the ways in which we have disassociated from trauma and or difficult moments in our lives that caused stress that is waiting to break free. It comes down to getting in alignment with one’s truth. To release what is no longer giving you value and is keeping you from your freedom. Take a moment and take note of anything and everything that keeps you in a limited space whether that be emotionally, physically, energetically, mentally, and spiritually. Get honest and get real. It’s time to release it and create space for what is yours and is aligned with who you naturally are. 

And if you don’t know who that is, GREAT. This is a beautiful time to begin. 

Feel free to download this free 7 Chakra PDF Guide that can be a resource for understanding and feeling into what each Chakra energy wheel means for us within our systems. I will be going over this in weeks to come so that we can utilize this as a daily resource when it comes to tapping into our inner voice and our intuition. 

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Sending you Oceans of Love 🌊💓

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