Total Solar Eclipse in Aries – April 8th, 2024 @ 11:21am PST

A Collective Healing Leads Humanity into Quantum Change and Freedom of Self and All

The Sun Sets for One Consciousness while a Renewed Sunrise Emerges – Rooted in Self Worth and Sovereignty 

We are at the tail end of the Eclipse Portal as we had the Lunar Eclipse in Libra at 5 degrees on March 25th. Truthfully, eclipse season began on March 10th with a New Moon in Pisces at 20 degrees, which began to whisper to us how far we have come when healing our past. The lessons have been culminating while vivid memories of certain people emerge. People in our lives who supported us in this process whether or not they remain in our lives. Regardless, this energy illuminates the gratitude we feel for each and every person and thing that helped us heal, resolve and dissolve old false beliefs, karmic lessons, and behavioral patterns. Sometimes, just getting to the realization and awareness of these dynamics is/was enough. Yet, this process of culminating began to show us where our grief lives within our consciousness when it comes to our ideals and how we are still carrying guilt and or shame around where we feel we fell short, or the grief around a dream, a life we once had, has been dissolving day by day over the last few years. Pisces can show us where we are ready to resolve and dissolve the endings so that the new can begin. Pisces is the ocean, the womb, the primordial waters where one cycle ends and another begins. We must feel into our grief, our victim consciousness; any and all the ways in which we have kept ourselves small, unconsciously and or consciously. We must face the endings so that we can rebirth on a cellular level. With endings, there is grief and there is no running from these feelings; all must be processed and felt. 

The Lunar Eclipse in Libra that took place on March 25th illuminated an opportunity for deep reflection into how we have shown up the last 30 years in all of our relationships with the other. The ‘other’ can be a person, a thing, and a consciousness. This lunar eclipse brought something to our awareness around our relationship patterns, be that with the ‘other’, a thing, a consciousness. It’s best to remember our relationship with others begins with our relationship to ourselves. We have had an opportunity to deeply reflect on how our conditioning and our upbringing shaped our choices, reality, and perhaps our disillusionment. This energy also has perhaps shown us what we need to know in order to learn, so that we can make different choices based on a healthy sense of self versus the wounded version that we have been for quite some time. The beauty of this is, we as humans are designed to transform wounds into our wisdom. Into our medicine. And with that wisdom we help others so that humanity can rise to function as a place of love and harmony. No, really, our gifts are to show up as our authentic selves from a place of love because we have the courage to face our wounds, our shadow, so that we can transmute that into medicine for others to do the same. Because, harmony within all of us is possible; therefore living life in harmony on Earth is possible. The Lunar Eclipse in Libra conjunct the South Node, ruled by Venus, the planet that represents everything we love dearly on the Earthly plane showed us our relationship patterns to self and others so that we know we are aware of what we are liberating ourselves from. 

This leads us into the Total Solar Eclipse in Aries. 

This eclipse is monumental for humanity and the collective. By astronomical definition, a total solar eclipse is a new moon. It is when the sky is the darkest because the moon sandwiches in between the sun and the Earth. There is an old consciousness being eclipsed so that a new one is born. The sun and moon are exactly conjunct Chiron the wounded healer in the sign of Aries (self) at 19 degrees, 24 minutes, EXACTLY. This is so rare. These celestial bodies are conjunct the North Node in Aries symbolizing a healing crisis. This is a time where we are ending one consciousness and birthing a brand new one. This looks differently for us all, depending on the house in which it is taking place in your natal chart. The most important thing to take away is that this transit is ruled by Mars who is currently in Pisces conjunct Saturn in a balsamic phase. What does this mean? It means every which way we turn, things, relationships, our beliefs, man made structures; all that which we invested in that built our realities based on our conditioning is culminating. Take a moment and reflect on what this looks like for you in your life both internally and externally. We are acknowledging and taking with us the healed parts of us, the authentic parts of us. In order to birth into the new, we must dissolve and culminate the past. Forgiveness and compassion are required. In order to culminate the past, we must confront our grief and allow for healing to emerge from our heart space. We are entering the Aquarian age where operating from the heart from a place of love and unity consciousness is the key. We will be challenged with artificial intelligence (AI)  playing a role that could potentially lead us into transhumanism which is already happening. That is not the answer; it is unnatural and against Natural, Universal truth & law.  This Solar Eclipse in Aries for some will be the death of a consciousness where parts of their being will leave their energy field that has been traveling with their soul for many lifetimes. Except, now it’s reached its expiration date. The parts of us that are outgrown are falling away naturally. Because the karma and lessons have been experienced and learned. This is the renewal on a cellular level. This will be a collective healing crisis for all, and when this happens in the collective, it can cause disruption to an extreme level. However, when there is a crisis, people come together. We unite because we remember who WE are and that we are all in this together. 

This Total Solar Eclipse in Aries is the beginning of an Evolutionary Cycle that is giving us an opportunity to align with our authentic selves, to honor our needs and values from a place of love, and to fight for what we believe in from a peaceful warrior perspective. This is a time more than ever, to trust our intuition and to make choices from our inner truth as we move into a brand new cycle where we will meet parts of ourselves we have yet to know. In the past thousands of years, we have been driven by the mind forgetting the essence of who we are on a soul level. We are remembering that our hearts lead the way in their pure form, our bodies know the truth, our intuition is our guide, and our minds are there to be utilized as a tool supporting our hearts. The mind is the caboose. This new energy cycle is going to thrust us into the new beginnings that have been waiting for us at a quantum pace. New ideas, new relationships, new locations, new careers; all of which is aligned with your soul’s gifts, mission, and purpose. This is the energy where divine counterparts who emanate from the heart space in parallel partnership are brought together to bring massive unconditional love onto the planet. If not physically, spiritually. 

Take this opportunity to journal, to do automatic writing, to light the flame of a candle, whatever resonates with you, safely. Burn away the wounds that have kept you blocked from reaching your full potential; from living authentically and from your heart. Remember to honor the wounds that guided you to this moment into your freedom. We are designed to transform lower vibration energies & consciousness into higher expressions of unconditional love, healing, compassion, and kindness. And to share this medicine and wisdom with others to help each other rise. Honor how far you have come and what you came here to transform into your light knowing that you can put those conditioned dynamics behind you. Bless your future with love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, freedom, harmony, and a deep inner sense and knowing that YOU ARE WORTHY OF TAKING UP SPACE. Now own it with your heart. 

Remember, as Louise Hay says, you are loveable because you exist

I am sending you oceans of love. As always, if this resonates with you, visit my website and send me a message 🌊💙

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