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Sagittarius Full Moon ♐

A Quest Into the Oceans of our Inner Wisdom

A Full Moon is when the Sun and Moon are in direct opposition to one another. The Moon lights up in its fullest form as the Sun shines a light on dynamics that are rising within our consciousness. When there’s an opposition between celestial bodies, something must be thrown off and catapulted into change. This particular Full Moon in Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the celestial body that represents expansion, intuition, and wisdom. It’s important to recognize that Jupiter is in Taurus during this Full Moon transit and is therefore ruled by Venus who currently resides in Taurus as well. Venus is the ruler of the South Node of the Moon of Libra; the ending and letting go of relationships with others we are no longer in resonance with on a soul level. Perhaps, we have simply outgrown the codependent patterns around acquiescing for the other because we are expected to be a certain way.  Let’s break this down in all its Venusian themes. 

Welcome to Gemini Season! Starting off this Full Moon Energy is the Sun in Gemini trining Pluto in Aquarius at 2 degrees; we are aware of what we are done with, liberating from, and creatively self actualizing for our future selves long term.

The Full Moon takes place at 2 degrees, 55 minutes, which means we round up to 3 degrees of Sagittarius on May 23rd, 2024. The Sun opposes the Moon at the same degree point in Gemini. In general terms, Gemini correlates to the human mind, our short term memory, reality, and our ability to gather information in order to formulate thoughts and opinions. Sagittarius correlates to our intuition, our perception of truth, our beliefs that are based on our values that create the reality we experience. Sagittarius carries the torch of wisdom, is a teacher in the most intellectual ways, and also holds the key to our authenticity and truth. Sagittarius, Jupiter, and the 9th house are based in Natural Law and Natural Truths of the Universe; our connection to nature and timeless values. Gemini brings in the information and Sagitarrius brings in the truth and wisdom. Keep in mind that Gemini correlates to choices, discernment of information in order to gather the facts; the truth. Though, as we know there are always two sides to every story wherein lies perception of truth. With this Gemini/Sagitarrius axis we are confronting and flowing through the ebb and flow of authenticity and truth; perception of truth. 

This Full Moon is ruled by Jupter as mentioned, which is in the sign of Taurus. Venus, the ruler of Taurus is in a new phase conjunction with Jupiter as this correlates to our inner relationship to self. What is my inner voice communicating to me now, what are my values now as I am resonating with new values and a new way of relating to myself in an authentic way. Both Jupiter and Venus are in a new phase in conjunction with Uranus, therefore this correlates to a change in our inner vibration, our inner magnetism; a rapid change in what feels natural and unique to us on a soul level. This is the path of freedom from the known, though we may not know the path forward and are called to trust. We are healing on a soul level and we are graduating from many levels and triumphs of relationship dynamics with self and others. We are returning to who we naturally are on a soul level and embodying our soul’s nature. 

Because of all of this Tuarus energy taking place in relation to Uranus, the planet of freedom from the known, deconditioning, truth, liberation, and transformation; we are experiencing the tangible endings to our previous relationship to self that has been recovering one’s nature and freeing oneself from previous conditions based on man made structures and laws. This is the changing of guards of relationships generally speaking, in tangible form. What we needed that served great purpose at one time in our lives is being revealed to us and how far we have come during this Full Moon in Sagittarius. Take a moment and reflect on how far you have come. 

Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus in Taurus are in a Crescent Phase Sextile to Neptune at 29 degrees + some change in Pisces. This is the anoretic degree and something is culminating at a soul level. This Sextile aspect speaks into a soul level graduation of healing and transformation from the conditioned past; though we are meant to go inward to self discover the new version of us rooted in natural truth and law. This goes back to Venus being the depositing ruler of this Full Moon; how do we inner relate to ourselves what values are now in alignment with what feels natural to us. What feels good to us in an authentic way.

Mercury in Taurus is in a balsamic  phase to Uranus in the same sign. Pay close attention to the thoughts and narrative that has been conditioning your self worth and value. This balsamic energy is showing us the ways in which we have been operating from a conditioned state of wounds, trauma, and a belief that we are unworthy and or not enough on some level. It’s possible some of us feel unable to take action just yet as Mars is in a new phase conjunction to the North Node of the Moon, yet balsamic to Chiron in Aries. This energy speaks into our feeling of ‘we are not enough and or cannot take space as who we instinctively are’. This energy also embodies the energy of not feeling confident in trusting our gut. In many ways, our conditioned reality of the past has been paralyzing for us to trust our instincts and make healthy choices from a secure agency of self. The beautiful part about this Full Moon in Sagittarius is that we are being given the information and the wisdom of many lessons that have been taking place for the last 30 years and perhaps for some, many prior lifetimes. The teachings of Jupter, Sagittarius, and the 9th house correlate to needing to give something up in order to receive the gifts. For many, this has resulted in giving up an old conditioned self based on false authenticity, and also relationships that we have outgrown simply because we have changed. Though, remember these cosmic energies are personal to everyone based on their unique energy signature and natal chart. For example, there are many relationships that will re-emerge in 2025/2026 during the official new starts when Saturn and Neptune meet up in Aries, beginning a brand new 30 year and 165 year cycle(s). So, pay attention to the wisdom and lessons this Full Moon is bringing as it may correlate to a reconfiguration taking place in order for us and like minded souls to align naturally and intrinsically on a soul level. Trust in that we are the realms of the freedom from the known in order to liberate and center into our nature. 

Lastly, as Venus is the ruler of the South Node of the Moon in Libra, she is in this new phase of energy with Jupiter and Uranus. As mentioned this is us beginning a brand new relationship to self in resonance to pure self love and self worth rooted in Natural Law. We have changed within, therefore our relationships are changing and rightly so. This Venus and Jupiter in a Gibbous Phase to the S.N. of the Moon ruled by this Venus, therefore there is a calling to self improvement. To keep doing our Taurus work, to stay the course and ground into who we naturally are, reflecting our renewed sense of self worth and value. Take ownership of the new beginnings, the new energy reviving our nature and the letting go of what no longer resonates, feels good, and holds long term value to us within. 

We are moving forward in tangible form into the new beginnings that are rooted in who we uniquely are on a soul level and who we naturally are in connection to our life force energy. We are beginning to embody the nature in which we are designed to be. 

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