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Thank you SO much for visiting my new website, I appreciate your energy and YOU for being here.

I am so stoked to share with you this new, revamped, re-inspired site, because it is a new beginning. Let me show you what all of this is about:

This post is about:

New web of Surf, Astrology, Healing: Wellness Coaching, Ocean Therapy and the Stars

My new site as a Wellness coach, Surf instructor and Astrologer, is a self actualizing and celebration moment for me as I have been healing, growing, and empowering myself over the years in order to experience my natural self versus my conditioned self.

If you like to know more about my story and growth, you can read it in the About section.

We are constantly growing, changing, and evolving. I have been on a journey of discovering my natural state and how to love myself unconditionally in ways that match my energetic frequency and my full potential.

Services and Free Resources you will find on this website:

-Wellness Coach Sessions

At our Wellness Coach Sessions, my role is to serve as a supportive guide and partner on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Together, we will explore and embrace new practices and habits that promote overall well-being.

-Surf Therapy: Find Wellness in the ocean

Being in the ocean is a therapy itself, therefore, you can find wellness and relief with:

-Energy Healing

As I have been learning my own medicine of self reliance, self love, and value of self; I feel confident I will make a quality contribution in shedding light on your journey as well. Together, in partnership with mama ocean, a self discovery process, an integration of methods embarking upon healing and empowerment; you can discover your medicine for what you are seeking within yourself also.

For balancing your energy, you can count with:

Wellness Coaching by Jordan Auten

Why get immersed by wellbeing, self-knowledge and balance your energy with a coach?

We are a gift to ourselves.

We are worthy and loved simply because we exist.

We are each the divine expressing ourselves through the ocean, plants, animals, family, friends, each other, and so on. I have a plethora of unique offerings that can help you self discover, self actualize, take ownership of your life to create a fulfilling and satisfying life you desire.

What are the Gifts of this website?

We have a Free Resources Section, where you find: Podcast, Women Community, Astrology News in my YouTube Channel, and of course, this Blog.

I hope you are so excited and happy as am I, and thank you for joining this journey.

Let’s do this, sending you oceans of love! 🌊🩵

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