New Moon in Taurus ♉ A Tangible Rebirth

The New Moon in Taurus takes place on May 7th, 2024 at 8:22pm PST, or May 8th, depending on where you are in the world. A burning question for some is perhaps, what does this New Moon mean for me? Knowing where 18 degrees of Tuarus is in your Natal Birth Chart is your starting point. Some of you may be experiencing a cleaning and crystallization within your body’s consciousness, feeling free from unhealthy habits that no longer serve your highest good for the long term. Some of you may feel a sensitivity to energy like never before and are currently trying to understand these new gifts arriving within you. The lens of Evolutionary Astrology can definitely be a way to begin. And some of you may feel like you have done the inner work for multiple years now and you are experiencing alignment; a deep understanding within your soul that is giving you the experience of when my will becomes thy will. This is when our ego mind aligns with our soul; higher will. It’s the seeded realization that we are a part of something much larger than ourselves. An opportunity to consciously contribute to the greater WHOLE.  While you feel this sense of alignment, you may still feel as if you are a horse at the starting gate, restless; ready for the starting bell. 

This is a feeling of renewal and a deep desire to CREATE because on a soul level, you are perhaps returning to your nature and are READY to create the new path, the new reality, the new dream in a tangible way. 

This New Moon is ruled by Venus who is in her home sign of Taurus. Venus is everything we love, value, and enjoy on this Earthly plane. She is the archetype of how we inner relate to ourselves. How we listen to the narrative taking place within. How do you talk to yourself and how connected are you to your inner voice? 

Remember, a New Moon is when the Moon meets up with the Sun and they begin a brand new cycle. This New Moon is part of the start of a brand new Evolutionary cycle in a tangible way. A key question to ask is how each of us fits into the years to come when A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)  will make an effort to take over the human heart. We must get intouch with our hearts on a deeper soul level that allows us to raise our vibration and operate through our hearts, not the mind. The intellectual mind (Mercury) is a powerful tool that we need in order to creatively self actualize in this human experience and to contribute to the greater whole. Though, it is not meant to be the source from which we operate. As a collective, we are recovering from centuries of patriarchal dominance, man made laws and structures that are against natural law and natural truths. A mis-use and abuse of the masculine; an abuse of power of the mind, control, and a projection of power. A source that has created separation; a concept and idea that we are not equal. This way is not rooted in natural law and natural truths. The Divine Feminine is rising and we are returning to our nature; a nature of unconditional love, sharing, giving, receiving, and inclusion; of being of service. This starts with aligning ourselves in a strongly  seeded foundation of self love, a deep knowing that we are worth it and that we are enough; a knowing that we have everything we need. 

This New Moon, conjunct the Sun at 18 degrees is trining Ceres, the planetary body that represents our soul’s motherly and nurturing nature. Ceres reminds us what it means to heal from loss and to continue forth with nurturing, compassion, and emotional security. She embodies Cancer energy and calls us into creating security within, to nurture from within; and how we give and receive nurturance. (George & Bloch, 1986) Ceres is also known to rule the Taurus/Scorpio Axis in addition to Virgo. What this speaks into is self love, self worth, nurturing oneself from within to have inner security, to learn and own mothering ourselves in a healthy way, and to be of service; to be the natural healers we are aligning with our soul’s nature. This is a 1st Quarter Trine, which means we are absorbing and processing the ways in which we have not nurtured ourselves from within, and that we have sought out security outside of ourselves which has diluted our sense of self worth and ruptured our natural sense of inner security. We are realizing these ways in order to liberate and free ourselves from what does not feel aligned with our sense of security, our inner strength of nurturing our hearts. As we realize these old ways and patterns in a conscious way, through this Trine, we liberate and creatively self actualize the new path forward in alignment with our soul’s nature of creating security from within. To nurture ourselves with our needs and to remember we are our best mother to ourselves before we embody the energy of mothering another. This can feel like a stand still, because we need to sit in the old way as Spirit gifts us with revelations and truths; a way through the tunnel towards our own inner light. And in those moments of realizations and freedom; we create a different way forward. 

This New Moon is also sextiling Saturn in a Crescent Phase so this will feel as if we are going inward to reflect and form a plan in what we CREATE next; the how will come through our creative and higher intelligence. Saturn, the planet that represents our physical reality, boundaries, limitations, and structure is supporting us to process and reflect on this new form of ourselves that is birthing in a tangible way. 

The Sun and Moon are also in conjunction with Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus, all ruled by Venus. Uranus and Jupiter are also trining Ceres while inconjunct Pallas Athena in Sagittarius. What does this mean? Essentially, our sense of value, truth, belief systems, and value systems of the past are decaying. We are birthing our new value, truth, and value systems; a structure that fulfills our inner emotional security that supports our individual and unique nature.  This is  taking shape  at quantum speeds. This New Moon is showing us how these new values, truths, belief systems, and value systems are actualizing. As they actualize, we are processing the details and information of how the past, our former reality took shape; based on what conditioning, and how we have made choices based on the subconscious conditioning and belief systems that shaped our reality. We are no longer operating from those subconscious beliefs that kept us enslaved, entrapped, feeling unworthy, and feeling small. Your soul will show you this information however you are ready to receive it. This is why integrating a meditation practice in your daily life is important and beneficial for each individual; to open up this dialogue with your heart and soul so that your human mind can align. Life is about choices; these are ways we can align with our best foot forward for the long term future. 

During this transit, Mercury is conjunct Chiron in Aries ruled by Mars in Aries who is READY TO GO. Though, it’s not quite time as our human mind is learning about these wounds that have kept us in a loop with the perception of no way out. This Mercury is showing us what he has learned from Chiron so that our wounds can transmute into our medicine and when this process takes place, our medicine becomes our mentor. And this is what we share with the world in a giving, sharing, and inclusion way. 

Without going too much into the awful acts of war that are currently taking place in the world, it is important to recognize that these are acts operating from an over use and abuse of the Ego, the human mind. It is an overuse and abuse of power created by man made structures and man made laws over Centuries. This is a healing New Moon as this time during these years through 2030 and perhaps the next twenty years while Pluto is in Aquarius is a time of confronting our trauma and learning new ways to process this energy into healing and unity consciousness. This is where accessing the heart (Leo, opposite to Aquarius) comes into play and is necessary for humanity on both an individual and collective level. 

How do we access the heart? We meditate and set an intention to ask, ‘what does my heart tell me’? Your heart will respond eventually through your inner voice; through your intuition. We connect to Nature however it resonates with us. This can involve the desire to learn how to surf and in my experience, playing golf most of my life led me to this point of seeding my work in helping others Return to their Nature. I LOVE the ocean and in many ways has been my greatest intuitive guide. Though, she is simply a reflection of the wisdom that already lives within my intuition. The inner door to our soul is always open. Waiting for us. 

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Sending Oceans of Love 🌊 💗,


George, Demetra & Bloch, Douglas. Asteroid Goddess: The Mythology, Psychology, and Astrology of the Re-emerging Feminine. Lakeworth, FL. Ibes Press, an imprint of Nicolas-Hays, Inc. Newburyport, MA. Distributed to the trade by Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.

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