New Moon in Sagittarius – A Ripened Time to Trust and to Go For It! 

This week we experience the New Moon in Sagittarius at 21 degrees taking place at 3:31pm, PST.

What is this new moon about?

This is a new moon that is blasting away the old beliefs, patterns, and non truths we have been carrying for months, and for some, many years. This is the turning point of letting go of the old unconscious beliefs around self worth that are no longer true and do not serve our highest good.

This new moon in Sagittarius is about truth and our perception of truth. What are our belief systems and what resonates with us that feels aligned from within? Do we feel safe and trust ourselves to go within. If not, activations to heal and transmute old ways will take place.

This new moon is ruled by Jupiter, which is retrograde in the sign of Taurus. This energetically shows us from within our consciousness, new ways of relating to ourselves that signify our self worth and value now.

What have you healed through, transmuted, and metamorphosed in your life?

How are you different now and what are you ready to pursue, explore and take ownership of at this time? Jupiter is the ruler of this new moon, however we must follow the energy trail. Jupiter is in Taurus, ruled by Venus. Venus is in the sign of Scorpio purging old ways of feeling disempowered, entrapped, and co-dependant. She is reclaiming her self worth and creating space for cultivating intimate relationships founded in truth, respect, and equal partnership. Venus is in Scorpio, therefore she is ruled by Pluto that sits in Capricorn ruled by Saturn in Pisces.

Pluto is showing us all the ways in which the old external structures and what used to constitute our inner security no longer has value. Because Saturn is in Pisces ruled by Neptune in Pisces, this is the death of the old world. This is the death of the old self. This is the decay of all of the ways in which we gave away our power, sovereignty, freedom, self worth, and value systems in order to acquiesce to the other and survive. This becomes the birth of the new world, new Earth. We are reclaiming our truth, our sense of self, our life force energy and our creative purpose, and putting it into action.

Trust the Universe and Go for it!

We may feel hesitant because Mercury is in Capricorn which is about being practical, thinking things through and taking necessary steps to make the vision tangible before taking action. The new moon in Sagittarius, conjunct the sun and Mars says do not wait, GO FOR IT!! Trust the universe will always meet you where you’re at!

This new moon will also reveal to you your fears around taking a leap of faith. It will show you your fears around honoring your truth and making it known to your inner and outer world.
Even though Mercury goes into retrograde in Capricorn, the planet of communication, labels, and our mind will retrograde back into Sagittarius. This will reignite your vision, your dream, and your desire to explore your truth, your dreams, and to GO FOR IT!!

This transit will also show you where you’re ready to trust and take the leap of faith! Trust how you feel to show you your next steps. This is a powerful time and opportunity to trust, have faith, to release the ways in which we used to do things from a wounded consciousness and to step into our healed consciousness. To take action from there.

Welcome 2024!

This is also a time of massive awakenings as we enter 2024 and Pluto enters Aquarius. We are on the precipice of individual and collective change that will alter our trajectory on the planet. How can we ground ourselves in a healthy sense of self worth as we elevate our trust in ourselves and our guidance system. This is a time to follow your intuition, listen to your inner voice, and to know that we are never alone and all is working out for our best and highest good.

Have a beautiful new Moon in Sagittarius, get ready to blast away the old in that fire energy, to welcome in the new you; New Earth. 

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