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New Moon in Aquarius

Liberation from Previous Conditioning of the Past.

This New Moon in the sign of Aquarius takes place on February 9th at 2:59pm, PST. Where do I begin?

We have been talking about imminent change taking place to an extreme probably since 2020. Truth is change is imminent and we are constantly in a state of evolution. CHANGE. We are meant to LEARN and EVOLVE. However, this New Moon marks the end of a cycle on an evolutionary level that relates to Capricorn, our previous conditioning that shaped our reality up until this point. Everyone is feeling this change over on some level whether they are aware of it or not. We will have what feels like an electrical shock of lightning bolt insight around our beliefs, choices, and the why behind our behavior that shaped our whole reality. In these moments we will have the AHA moment that breaks us free from the known, what was, and no longer resonates. There will be people feeling as if they have broken the chains of a prison they built within their reality they weren’t even aware of. Aquarius relates to deconditioning, to breaking free of the conditions of the past, innovation, genius intelligence & insight, and trauma. 

Uranus in Taurus Squares The Sun and Moon at 20 degrees of Aquarius. What does this mean? If you have planets or points around 20 to 21 degrees of the fixed signs during this New Moon cycle, you will feel an erratic need to break free, to confront the truth, and to change your current reality. Everyone is feeling this shift, though it will be more potent for some. This is a radical revolutionary transformation that will have you feeling like a different person living a different reality by the end of February. This month is packed with a power punch of change, energetic shifts, and cosmic truths coming in. Truth on a personal and collective level will begin to shatter through the masks we have worn for most of our lives.

This New Moon in Aquarius wants to liberate you. To free from the confines of the past, from the reality that no longer holds value within your cellular being. We are stepping into the utter unknown and the way through is to trust. Yes, TRUST. The Universe is always providing for us what we need.

Mercury in Aquarius squares Jupiter in Taurus. We are significantly called forth to confront the thoughts and thought patterns that no longer hold value in shaping our reality. We are called forth to radically shift and expand the way in which we think about EVERYTHING. Jupiter will expand upon our thoughts and the patterns we are ready break free from. It is in our hands to confront our limitations and trauma in order to objectively acknowledge our paths with love and compassion in order to heal and liberate. We must confront and realize what we are liberating from. As we individuate and break free, we will be called to cultivate and organize in a community that brings together like minded individuals. This is the energy of power of the people, which also means revolution. Hopefully, this can be done in a peaceful way. I HAVE HOPE. However, because many will be awakening through these upcoming transits, we may be confronted with shock that initiates war-like behavior on the planet before we can have compassion and come together with our brothers and sisters. This is the energy of finding and aligning with your soul tribes. In this energy, we are supported to do so. To accelerate into the next book of our lives because the karma has cleared and our consciousness is expanding into the higher realms of cosmic truth and spirituality. The key is to discern in order to realize the truth. To listen to your inner voice. To cultivate a relationship with your heart in ways you may have never known and experienced.

At the tail end of this New Moon in Aquarius, Mars enters Aquarius on February 12th where he crosses paths with Pluto to the exact degree on February 13th. This marks the end of ways in which we used to do relationships. Soon after, Venus follows, enters Aquarius and joins Mars in an exact conjunction. This further enhances and marks the new evolutionary cycle of new relationship energies. This will bring divine partners together as a way to raise the vibration on the planet into unconditional love. Our entire way of doing relationships within ourselves and with others is changing on a soul level. We will begin to seek soul connections and intimate relationships that are beyond the mundane level. It is the Universe showing us the way home to our hearts so that we can align with unconditional love within us because it is innate.

In conclusion, this is an opportunity to ground ourselves in all the moments when our nervous system begins to shake. We will be confronted with uncomfortable moments of erratic emotion because Uranus squaring this sun and moon is blasting away the parts of us not meant to move forward that are ready to be confronted, healed, culminated, and resolved at an accelerated rate. Trust this process and know that you are always guided by your heart and your inner voice. 

Have a beautiful New Moon in Aquarius!! If this forecast resonates with you, explore your curiosity by booking a reading with me. I am sending you oceans of love 🌊💓

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