Woman attending an Intuitive Coaching Surf and Yoga Retreat in El Salvador

Intuitive Coaching: Surfing Waves of Life and Listening to your Inner Voice

I feel this is the perfect time to write this article as I am experiencing so many moments that are rooted in what it means to listen to our intuition. In other words, listening to our inner voice. Questions for us all, who do we define as our authority, are we our own sovereign leaders, and how often do we catch ourselves in listening to how we talk to ourselves? 

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Surf & Yoga Immersion in El Salvador: Intuitive Coaching and more…

I’m fortunate to be co-leading a surf & yoga immersion retreat in El Zonte, El Salvador with co-leaders, Kimberly Ariella & Ariel Kochbarski. I appreciate this experience because I get to be a part of being in a special place on Earth, sharing and holding space for others to learn, grow, and evolve. In this experience I learn so much about myself and honor my role as a conduit within a microscope of the macroscope. As above, so below, as within, so without. 

Wisdom and Inner Voice Training with our Surf Coaches: Alex and Nette

This early AM while the sun was rising from the East,  we went out as a group with our local surf coaches leading and guiding our participants teaching them how to surf. It was beautiful to experience the local surf break through the lens of our surf coaches and experts, Alex Novoa & Nette Klement.

Both are amazing when they teach because they are teaching us not only about surfing, but as to how the process correlates to life, our choices, and responses. The wisdom they bring is comprehensive, valuable and wisdom of gold in more ways than unexpected.

Surfing your Fears: a coaching method and metaphor for life

Alex’s methods are all about Surfing Your Fears and that surfing is a metaphor for life; a tool box for all the ways in which we can connect to our intuition. Yoniswell is a parallel to Alex’s teachings and methods. I value and know there are no accidents that we were brought together on this retreat journey. I thank my dear friend and co-leader for this experience, Kimberly Ariella

One moment of Panic in the lineup: and How I used the Intuitive Coaching as a tool

On this beautiful morning, we were paddling out and I noticed one of our participants was consumed by fear and needed support in navigating these emotions. I am also in the process of getting my License in Marriage & Family Therapy, therefore I felt it was a natural moment to hold space with her. My intuition guided me to be there through the experience of embracing the fear. My inner voice said, stay, hold space, and guide her with the wisdom that comes through from what feels like a bigger source of energy.

It’s these delicate and poignant moments that remind us that we are within a space of our own consciousness that is conditioned by an external source, only to be called in to become aware and break free from such constructs.

The fear we hold in our bodies, in our minds, and within us comes from our past experience that shapes our belief systems, both consciously and unconsciously. Our belief systems shape our reality because our thoughts become things and before we know it, we are manifesting what is reflected in our consciousness. Whenever I feel called to dive deeper into this science meeting the mystic, I listen to and or read the teachings of Yogananda, Jeffrey Wolf Green, Louise Hay, and Joe Dispenza; the list can go on. 

Paddling out: Express your feelings and listen your inner voice

We paddled so that we were on the shoulder of the surf break, which kept us away from the impact zone and allowed us to observe the waves as they traveled from the horizon, closer to shore. In other words, we stayed out of the way of crashing ocean waves.

I began to ask the retreat participant to express herself and share her thoughts and feelings around the state of fear she was experiencing. This is an emotion that could be coming from a subconscious and displaced part of her because it is a visceral experience that is happening in the moment as well as a way to identify the root of the emotions.

Intuitive Coaching is Understanding that it is OK to be afraid…

Number 1, it is okay to be afraid. It is okay to experience fear.. It is the way in which we speak to ourselves when choosing how to respond to fear. This is part of what Alex teaches, having fear is a gift, but to be in panic is a different pathway. We can choose wisely how to navigate through fear and make choices from a place of courage versus panic. This is the gift of the ocean. We heal through the emotional body which is the part of our energy field in between our physical body and mental body.  In order to heal what is ready to be confronted and healed must come up through our physical reality in order for it to be identified, confronted, healed, integrated, and resolved. It’s the choices we make when experiencing the fear where our liberation lives.

I’m not saying that surfing is only fear induced and we must all paddle out to the ocean waves in order to release our distorted emotions that result in creating realities of fear, stress, anxiety, limitations, and depression. Though, I am saying the ocean holds a divine wisdom that provides what we need in that moment. She provides a gateway to find peace and apply the process of integration that allows for us to experience the emotions that keep us in the old story that limit us from fulfilling our desires. From creating a reality that aligns with our natural and authentic truth. 

In terms of tangible experiences with the ocean, it was in these moments of being in the ocean water where she was able to be in the emotion of the fear and relate to other moments in her life where she felt the same way. I have had so many moments such as this and they are ongoing as part of growth, evolution, and expansion; we all get to experience this gift in some shape or form. There was a moment of freedom where she identified this parallel of emotions and experiences in order to integrate the wisdom coming from her inner voice. The ocean allows space for raw authentic truth to be felt, heard, and experienced

Mama ocean is a primordial water and womb that allows for the old version of ourselves to dissolve and for the new rebirth of self to begin. With rebirth comes wisdom, new beginnings, a new source of inner emotional security, beliefs about oneself that are aligned with a healthy sense of self worth that creates a new reality based in a healthy belief system in relation to our self worth. The best part is we get to choose which path to take. When we choose our agency of self, our sovereign truth, and take ownership, we state our claim that we are the powerful leaders of our lives. It’s in this moment, when Mother Ocean, the womb and all her gifts of wisdom comes in and co-creates a courageous rebirthed part of our hearts, minds, and souls. 

How to Connect to your Inner Voice:

There are multiple ways to connect to our inner voice. It’s possible that the ocean and or surfing is not for everyone. If it were, then there wouldn’t be balance in the Universe. I invite you to begin this journey of connecting to your inner voice and intuition by cultivating and developing a daily practice that supports you with going within. This process starts with a form of meditation, journal writing, free writing, daily stretching; anything that grants you moments of silence when you can listen to the expansive and unlimited Universe within. As I always share these words that have forever stuck with me in all the best ways. My dear friend and Evolutionary Astrologer, Kristin Fontana says, ‘when we go within, we are never without’. 

Intuitive Coaching: Conclusion

Connecting to our inner voice and intuition can lead to harmony within and to our freedom of self. Life is a balancing act of experiences that journey us through evolution and going within can support us along the way to life happy and healthy lives; ones that fulfill our everyday desires and create space for helping others to do the same. 

I am sending you Oceans of Love 🌊💓

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