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Full Moon in Leo – Creative Self Actualization

Choices are Emphasized. 

Into the UNKNOWN – it’s TIME for LIFT OFF. 

We create our own reality. Better yet, we are manifesting co-creators with the Universe. The best way to navigate the current energy is to ask ourselves what our relationship to our inner voice is.

Can we identify our intuition, the whispers of our soul; our inner voice?
Do we trust the Universe is always taking care of us and providing what we need?
Yes. This requires discerning which is valuable to practice everyday in my humble opinion. 

Full Moon in Leo: What is Actually Showing Us

This FULL MOON in LEO is showing us from within our heart space that it is time to own our energy as sovereign. We are sovereign, multi-dimensional beings that are deeply loved and connected to the divine wisdom of the Universe that lives within each and every one of us. This FULL MOON in LEO is showing us that we are the LEADER of our lives. We are to own our self worth and value and to honor our creative gifts. This is our time to creatively self actualize our long term vision AND to own who we are, what we are here to contribute from our inner value and sense of self worth. 

When we operate from a place of heart alignment and harmony within, we are helping everyone else around us to do the same. When we all honor ourselves and our energy, our worth, our self love, we being of service to everyone on the planet. We are helping Mother Earth. We are helping the Universe align and thrive because we embody the Universe; we are connected to all things. 

Full Moon in Leo + Pluto in Aquarius

This FULL MOON in LEO takes place at 9:54AM, PST on January 25th, 2024. Pluto, the planet that represents our soul’s journey, truth, and metamorphosis, is now in Aquarius while the Moon is at 5 degrees of Leo opposing the Sun in Aquarius.

What are we claiming moving forward and are we truly connected to what is in our hearts?

It’s time to trust and to empower ourselves into the unknown. To let go of the past and all of the ways in which we gave our power away to external authorities. It’s time to release and let go of what previously constituted our inner security that no longer resonates.

In fact, Mars is in a balsamic conjunction to Pluto while still in Capricorn before he joins Pluto in Aquarius in February. Mars is our personal will, our desires, and our ability to take action. This energy feels like wearing a pair of jeans that you know very well, DO NOT FIT anymore and it’s time to give them away and or throw them away. They have worn their last day. It’s time to go. To let go, to trust and CHOOSE your own power to manfirest and co-create the reality you desire that is rooted in your heart’s space. 

Ritual Inspiration for the Full Moon

Every new and full moon, I light a tall white candle. I label it with which lunar cycle it is and then I journal on a giant Postid pad to flush out what is streaming through my consciousness. I invite you to create your own ritual that works for you. Perhaps you are feeling that being in community for a ritual is what you desire and that is beautiful; whatever resonates with you. 

I personally have been going through a Uranis transit for a year and a half and this equates to being in a very unstable an unpredictable cycle that has catapulted me into looking at my true sense of self and value. I’ve been in a cocoon prior to flourishing into the Butterfly. I’m ready to creatively self actualize. I wish the same for you.  I am excited and I feel this lunar cycle IS POWERFUL FOR EVERYONE. Our soul’s are cheering for us as we move through and navigate in these brand new accelerating energies. 

Full Moon in Leo: Chiron in Aries is also happening

On the same day as the FULL MOON in LEO, Mars in Capricorn squares, Chiron in Aries.
Chiron in Aries is the wounding in all of us around I AM; am I worthy, am I enough, do I matter.

YES WE ARE worthy, enough, and matter.
YES! This will feel like a purge of wounds coming up within your consciousness that is meant to be  looked at and observe what you are healing in this moment.
To objectively see the wound from a higher perspective of your healed self. This is an opportunity to allow the tears to flood out of your system and acknowledge YOU ARE OKAY. And to honor HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME. Process these moments and honor this. 

Full Moon in Leo: What happens the next day?

On January 26th, Mercury in Capricorn squares Chiron in Aries. This is a day you want to wait to have any conversations that may be sensitive to have. Patience is key during this transit, to wait for any significant communication to take place at this time. We are meant to honor these wounds as they come up from a place of inner wisdom. I can handle this. What have I learned and how does this make me better within my journey? Reflect on this and your inner voice will give you the answers. 

It RAMPS UP as the planet of liberation and revolution, Uranus goes direct at 19 degrees of Taurus. Uranus is the ruler of the sun and Pluto in Aquarius, so this energy will be felt and accelerate us in moving forward. In letting go of that pair of jeans. 

Full Moon in Leo: Conclusion

Overall, this is a revolutionary time of change on an evolutionary level.

We are ascending and advancing at an accelerating rate where we will be confronted with the battle between our hearts and AI.
When we connect to our hearts and live from our heart’s truth in a vulnerable way that becomes natural in our everyday lives, we are honoring ourselves while also honoring everyone around us.
Everyone who matters to us.
And everyone who we do not connect with; though we can connect to them from a distance with compassion.

The heart has compassion for ourselves and for everyone in its highest expression.
We are caretakers of the Earth and we get to honor our time here while being on the planet by operating from our heart’s space 100% all of the time. We get to shift the paradigm of what our heart embodies at this point in our evolution. Our bodies are our most advanced technology. 

Have a beautiful FULL MOON in LEO, it is going to be a beautiful transit where we can open our arms and welcome in the natural healing properties of the sun, ocean, mountains; all of nature around us. 

If this report resonates with you, let’s do an Astrology reading that can really guide you on a heart and soul level. I look forward to connecting with you here. 💜

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