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Full Moon in Cancer – A Waterfall of Emotion Released

How does one move through the emotional ebbs and flows of life and our evolution through time? The planet Saturn is in the sign of Pisces releasing us from karma and old cycles while we create the new dream. Once Jupiter stations direct at 5 degrees of Taurus on December 30th, we will gain clarity and catch the wave as Jupiter forms a sextile to Saturn. The sextile is the ocean wave, the perfect timing to position ourselves with forward movement.

But, first we will experience the full moon in Cancer at 5 degrees opposing the sun at 5 degrees of Capricorn.

The house in which wherever you have 5 degrees of Cancer and Capricorn is where this energy will likely show up. When there’s an opposition such as this with the sun and the moon, a change is required and we must let something go.

There is a need for us to gracefully confront our shadows of old wounds from cycles that are ready to close out. This is the energy of perhaps a whole lifetime of lessons coming to a culmination. It’s important that we choose self love and acceptance without judgment. There is a higher perspective of unconditional love that we can always choose. The power in this full moon is to allow for our emotions to flow with grace and ease. To know that this is a cycle releasing what is left and what is no longer going with us in 2024. 

This full moon takes place on the same day that Chiron in Aries goes direct. We have moved through some deep lessons and wounds that have reminded us we have a right to exist as we naturally are. Chiron originally went retrograde in July, so we have been moving through some rough emotional waters within and within our relationships since then as we reclaim our sense of self and become our own self leader. 

Back to the original question of the best way to move through these emotional waters and manage the ebbs and flows:

To begin, having a daily meditation practice cultivates a relationship with our inner voice which is deeply calling us forward to remember who we are.

Secondly, engage in activities that allow for us to move energy through our bodies that ultimately will have us feeling good about ourselves.

Thirdly, my friend and an Evolutionary Astrologer, Kristin Fontana says, go within and you’ll never go without. Be around those you love and those who love you. Remember, we are in the stages of massive change and grounding ourselves with love and kindness is the best we can do. 

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